Wow! You found a better price?

We take pride in the service we provide, and one of our top priorities is to provide you with the lowest price possible on the great products we offer. We work hard to make sure that we have the lowest price but we can't always find them all. If you find a lower price advertised* on one of our competitors websites, just let us know where it is and we will gladly beat their price plus an additional 10% of the difference to thank you for bringing it to our attention! *The price suggested for matching must be listed somewhere on the competitor's website. Call in pricing deals from other online stores is not included in this promotion.

Simply call our toll free number at 1-866-928-3150, mention that you would like a price match, and let us know where we can see the competitor's pricing.

Hobby Grower 100% Price Guarantee Guidelines:

  • The item must be identical and currently available in the same size, style, make, model and color that it is on, and be in stock and available for purchase on the competitor's Web site.
  • Guarantee applies to authorized dealer Web sites only, must not be an auction site, a discount site (including but not limited to,,,, a search engine or a membership club.
  • No other promotions apply. This is a dollar-for-dollar product price match - free giveaways not included. If we match a lower competitor's price we WILL NOT include any free items we might normally offer. UNLESS our competitor's pricing also includes those items.
  • Dollar-for-dollar price match will take into account any shipping/handling and/or taxes charged by our competitor's. (ie, if our competitor charges shipping and sales tax on their greenhouses, we will beat their total out-the-door price which includes these fees/costs.)
  • We do everything we can to guarantee the lowest prices and pass savings on to our customers, but In the rare event that a price matched item comes in below our cost, we will be unable to sell the item.

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